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How to use nature to become closer to zen

February 23, 2018

The next thing I knew I was running face first into a patch of thick thorns. The sun was rising and I refused to miss it. I darted desperately for the open field ahead, hoping to beat it up. To be afforded a view of the sun cresting over the surrounding mountains and trees. This only happens once....well, once each day after all. Still. The urgency was very clear and real.


I made a B-line for the brightest part of the sky without once giving pause to my dangerous surroundings. And then....


Pain! White hot pain enveloped my body. My legs and arms were caught in thorns. My face though would take the brunt of the damage as I charged ahead.


I screamed. This isn't the peaceful sunrise I had signed up for.


After I had gotten myself unstuck and waded through mother natures deterrent, the rest of the morning was peaceful. Serene almost. The best places always require effort to reach afterall. This would be no different. By the time I had reached the other side, I would realize all the efforts would be worth it.

A large peaceful field tucked away far enough off the beaten path that it would be almost certainly undisturbed. The field was wet, but not from rain, rather it was covered in a heavy dew. Dense fog hovered eerily over much of the land. The first moments of daylight began to glimmer in the dew drops. For a few seconds I was at peace and the world was the same.


For so many years previous, it felt as if my life had been chaos.


But here in this moment. In these moments. It was bliss. Pure bliss. I sit in a small swirled patch of soaked grass. Take from my pockets, my belongings (a lighter, a bowl and a cup of coffee) and place them next to me while I sit staring blankly ahead.

I had been reading up on meditation and Buddhism recently. Trying to find zen for myself. Typically it is something that comes after much practice and time. But here, that morning it came all at once.

Peace. Calmness.

Time fell away. Nothing existed by myself and that place. It was the only place that mattered. Nothing outside of my peripheral existed anymore.

I hit the bowl and look around. On the ground I see what I would normally assume a plastic toy. An orange lizard a few short inches away. Sitting in stillness. Un-moving. I move to get a closer look and his eye blinks.

His eye is a fraction the size of my pinky but I witnesses the whole process up close and personal. Almost in slow motion. Sqqquuuueeeeeeccchhh his lid slid over his eyeball. Retracting back a moist, slimy film. He blinks with an urgency. He sees me. I've interrupted his day, just as he had interrupted mine. Only I had ruined his day and he had made mine.

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