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What to do when you get TOO high

August 14, 2018

Throughout the history of the world, there has never been a single fatal marijuana overdose. In fact 99.999% of the time people are partaking, it and they are impossibly harmless. Nonetheless, many people have gotten so high that they may have wished they were dead. Which is quite terrifying a thought itself.


But beyond psychotic meltdowns, many others have gotten high on cannabis and simply not cared for it, with all the expected feelings of euphoria and sensual enhancement passed by for panic, paranoia and a racing heart rate. Know that should you ever find yourself unpleasantly high on marijuana, there are some things you can do to help.

Before we begin however there are some simple 'DONT'S' you should know: Don't answer the phone unless you know who it is and want to talk. Don't drive a car or use a stove. Don't panic. What's that? Easier said than done. You are correct.


Tip 1: Be nice to yourself


Continue to remind yourself that you are in no danger and this will all be over soon. Surround yourself with stuff that makes you feel safe. Don't fixate on your inability to think straight or get aggravated with yourself over a word you've forgotten. Surround yourself with things that make you feel more secure.


Tip 2: Relax


Remember. No one has ever died from getting high. It's true. Hold that thought and your breath for a moment then while focusing on that idea take a few deep, deep breaths, slowly in and slowly out. You're going to be fine! Just be patient and take care of yourself as you ride out your unpleasant but completely safe and not dangerous, high.


Tip 3: Take a cold shower


There is simply no denying the amazing power of a cold shower to reboot a nervous system.


Tip 4: Get some fresh air

Take a couple of more deep breaths. Deep breaths are good, and deep breaths of fresh air are better. If you're not up for a walk, at least open up a window.


Tip 5: Eat something


Try to eat something substantial and nutritious like fresh fruit, yogurt, soup or a healthy cereal.


Tip 6: Drink water


It not only keeps you hydrated but also helps to flush your system.


Tip 7: Squeeze a lemon


Odd as it may seem, lemon is one of the few things known to diminish extreme highness thanks to it's limonene terpene. Limonene is a terpene that modulates THC's effects on the brain and is conveniently found in lemons. Should you find yourself too high for your taste, squeeze juice from a fresh lemon, zest in a bit of a peel, add as much sugar as required and toss the whole thing back. According to our friend Science, it will help.


Tip 8: Smell some pepper

Another terpene-based suggestion, this involves beta-caryophyllene, a terpene found in black pepper that's specifically cited for its ability to combat weed-based paranoia. To activate it, smash or grind a few fresh peppercorns and take a big whiff.


Tip 9: Rest


Lie down. Close you eyes and get comfortable. Whether or not you actually fall asleep is irrelevant – simply minimizing your world down to your bed and/or couch and your eyelids helps. Take deep breaths, following each breath in and each breath out.


Tip 10: Talk to someone


Know someone who's familiar with weed? Sharing your “help, i'm too high” experience with someone who has probably been there before can help a ton.

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