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Unity. The reasons Cannabis brings people together

May 4, 2018



The cannabis plant has amazing powers that transcend much of what we think is possible. This herb brings patients relief and healing, but has also managed to create a tight-knit, loving community spanning across almost every demographic.


If you're a part of the cannabis community, you know you've experienced it at least once! Read on to learn about the ways that cannabis unites people.



When you make a new friend in the 'community' you know from the start that the two of you will share many of the same political and moral views as each other. The cannabis community is by and large typically more accepting of all genders, sexual orientations and races than the general public. Stoners, at least most of them believe in sharing what they have and fairness. They also believe the war on drugs is harmful, misguided and should be ended immediately. Due to long standing social stigmas associated with pot, cannabis users have long been ostracized by society. This is the most likely reason they have such a soft spot for other oppressed groups.


Good Times


Get a bunch of cannabis users together and you know it's going to be a great party. For lots of people, cannabis is a substitute for getting blackout drunk. One in which they may remember, enjoy and be themselves while partaking. Most 420 friendly parties will have excellent music and hopefully some amazing food to cure the groups sudden attack of the munchies. Philosophical discussion and deep heart to heart conversations are common and to be expected, neither of which you would ever encounter at a loud, crowded bar or night club.....though.....don't tell anyone we told you but you can also get high and go to one of those if you'd like!




If you're looking to get together with some like-minded individuals whom also wish to participate in some social cannabis use, there's a chance you will be able to pick them out of the crowd with ease based on their choice of Rastafarian clothing or accessories. Or maybe it's that they have a Philly blunt wrap hanging out of their pocket. When you do meet a fellow stoner at a concert in the crowd and they pass you their joint, you immediately understand the traditional course of action is to take two puffs and then pass it back. This while glancing over your back shoulder for any law enforcement looking to harsh your buzz. These simple traditions forge new friendships every day.


New Things


Maybe you love reggae and your new stoner friend loves classic rock. No problem! Cannabis users are often accepting of and genuinely interested in learning and trying new things – especially if it will make their acquaintance happy. Next time you're hanging out with a new friend in the cannabis community, ask to experience some of their favorite foods, music or films.




The “couples that blaze together, stay together” Many cannabis users believe cannabis enhances sensuality and intimacy, as well as lowering inhibitions, making it easier to connect with new people. It's common knowledge that couples who do not actively smoke together experience more communication issues and arguments. Stoner relationships aren't without problems, but sharing a common lifestyle definitely doesn't hurt.


It's for the above reasons and more that cannabis has brought and continues to bring so many people together.  A simple plant with a common theme.  It's kind of beautiful if you think about it.


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