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Unbelievable facts you didn't know about Cannabis

April 12, 2018



There Are 4 People in The U.S. That Legally Get Weed Mailed To Them By The Federal Government


There are some very talented individuals in the ways of discovering and utilizing government loopholes. It might be for taxes, it might be for student loans. Whatever it is, it's not that unusual to find someone or something with the impossible hookup courtesy of the US Government. Currently, there are four people who get their weed mailed to them courtesy of the US Government via the University of Mississippi and a now defunct program titled the Compassionate Investigational New Drug program.  Established in 1978 and shut down 14 years later by George H.W. Bush the program would allow current enrolled individuals to be grandfathered in, thus allowing them to receive legally, cannabis directly from the United States Government.  


To Overdose On Marijuana You Would Need to Consume 1500 Pounds in 15 Minutes


The total amount of people able to consume 1500 pounds of marijuana in under 15 minutes to date?  Zero.  Similarly, the total number of deaths attributed to marijuana also stands at a resounding zero.   


Why is so much required?  


One reason for this is the way the brain works. When a user ingests marijuana, chemicals in the plant ride the nervous system to the brain and latch onto molecules called cannabinoid receptors. Those little holding cells influence pleasure, memory, coordination, and cognition, among other functions, which is why getting high affects thinking and behavior.  Cannabinoid receptors are not found in the brainstem areas that control breathing. Thus, "lethal overdoses from cannabis and cannabinoids do not occur," The National Cancer Institute explains.


Essentially what they are saying is that no matter how much cannabis you consume you will never lose the ability to control your vital functions.  


THC is One of Hundreds of Marijuana Compounds


Identified by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam during his research between 1963-1964, THC is the most famous weed compound. However, as of today, scientists have identified a total of 483 different chemical compounds and at least 65 cannabinoids in marijuana, although other estimates say this figure is over 110. At present, the medicinal effect of the vast majority of cannabis compounds is unknown.


There Are At Least 1,200 Names for Marijuana


While you have heard of a few of the most commons ones such as ganja, Mary Jane, pot, and weed, there are approximately 1,200 slang terms for cannabis. Although Herodotus wrote about the herb in 440 BC, the term ‘cannabis’ did not appear in the Oxford dictionary until the 16th century where it was described as parts of the plant that could be “smoked, chewed, or drunk for their intoxicating or hallucinogenic properties.”


The term ‘ganja’ is a Sanskrit word and NOT a Rastafarian word, as is often believed. There is a suggestion that Indians named it after the River Ganges. ‘Pot’ comes from at least the 1970s, if not earlier, and is related to a Spanish mulled wine known as ‘potiguaya’. It is a special kind of wine because marijuana buds are steeped in it. ‘Weed’ has only been used as a slang term since the 1980s; as weeds are tough, durable, and grow everywhere, it seemed like an appropriate word for a plant that grows in many different climates.


Marijuana’, actually misspelled ‘marihuana’, comes from Mexican Spanish and was the name of an herbal mix smoked by Mexicans. When a large number of people traveled north of the border in the midst of the Mexican Revolution, they brought large amounts of the herb with them. The unappealing view of these immigrants meant that everything associated with them carried negative connotations, and so began the use of the word ‘marijuana’ to describe cannabis, along with its prohibition in the United States.


One of the reasons for the large number of slang terms is because of weed’s illegality. Over the years, users had to speak in code to ensure their ‘criminal’ activity remained uncovered.


Pot isn't necessarily green


Here's a bummer for the eco-conscious out there: Pot isn't all that "green."  The energy needed to produce 2.2 pounds of marijuana indoors is equivalent to that needed to drive across the country five times in a car that gets 44 miles to the gallon, according to a 2011 report by a researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. All those grow lights suck up a lot of electricity.


Growing plants outdoors could lessen marijuana's carbon footprint, but year-round demand for the drug means that industrial growers keep their plants in warehouses and greenhouses. Innovations such as greenhouses equipped with low-energy LED lights could help make pot greener, but like any large-scale agriculture, marijuana growing will require large-scale energy.




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