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Hey you, put down the joint and pick up a vape

April 2, 2018

Every now and again there is an invention which comes to define a generation. If you want to really go back, there was sliced bread. The internet. Cell phones. And now we have vaporizers. Electronic cigarettes. The device created to help smokers drop the habit (and yes, inevitably pick up another one) by offering a cleaner, carcinogen and combustion free alternative.


Seeing the positive changes come from cigarette smokers, I couldn't help but wonder how the switch would impact weed heads who only ever smoke (chronic) and not cigarettes.


Without further ado, I give you all of the reasons you will ever need to put down that joint and pick up an oil cart and vaporizer.

  • Whiter teeth: No more yellow, tar-stained teeth and bad breath. You can walk around smiling and blowing your hot stinky breath all over anyone you'd like! From now on smile confidently knowing you aren't wearing that joint from an hour ago on your teeth and breath.

  • Stain free fingers! When you switch from joints to vaporizers, your hands no longer will have those yellow stains near the tips of your finger(s) and lingering smell from the smoke. With clean stain-free hands you can confidently lean in when you shake their hand and smile as you blow your hot, fresh breath all over their face.

  • Clean, smoke-free hair. Imagine getting out of the shower and still smelling like it a couple of hours later! Imagine being told by someone close to you that your hair both looks AND smells nice! You will truly have clean, soft and beautiful hair as soon as you remove all of that leftover ganja smoke from it.

  • Save money. This has got to rank atop the list and is one of the things you will notice when making the switch to vaping. Smoking (and rolling) joints all of the time is expensive and can quickly become cost prohibitive. Switching to cannabis oil(s) is generally a cleaner, more efficient, cost effective option to traditional flowers these days.

  • Be discreet!

From beginning to end, through and through vaporizers are less detectable and less obvious. They are healthier and less intrusive.  They are also ready to stand in the forefront of a more matured cannabis community as the tool of choice for both casual and heavy smokers alike.

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