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Not everyone who consumes Cannabis is a lazy pothead

July 8, 2018

If you were to ask somebody for some of the most well known stereotypes regarding potheads, you shouldn't be surprised when they respond time and again, with laziness.

We smoke too much pot to do much of anything but sit around and stare off into space. If this is you, ease up on the bong rips and sit up straight and stop giving us all a bad name damnit. Fortunately for most of us, that's just not the truth anymore. Potheads have worked long and hard to negate that stereotype and we have done a very good job of it. Stoners have managed to infiltrate almost every career path, from retail and restaurants to electronics and engineering. Stoners work far harder than anyone at excelling because the bar has been set so high. Pun partially intended.


The first step to being a productive pothead is knowing how to handle yourself when you're sober and when you're stoned. Being able to function in both states of mind is key, although there are some people who are only able to function extremely well when they are high. You should be able to tell when you've smoked enough, whether or not you can handle being high at work, and if being stoned while on the job is safe for you and your coworkers. By knowing your limits and exhibiting self control, one can smoke and hold a job, while sometimes even excelling. I know. Crazy, right? It goes back to the popular saying “if you're lazy when you smoke weed, you were lazy before you smoked”


To be a productive pothead, one must find something they love. Smoking is said to be a huge enlightenment on your mind, opening the smoker's eyes to new possibilities and scenarios. If you are stuck in a mundane job that you don't enjoy, for example, smoking is going to make you dislike it even more. But if, every day, you make money by working at something that you really enjoy, the weed will only enhance that job and make being there better, as well as make the work you do better.


The same can be said for exercising. There are those who swear by pot as a positive tool for use in their regular work-out routine. It's pain/management and anti-inflammatory properties, no doubt are the main attraction here. Of course though, if you do not exercise while sober, you are not magically going to begin doing so while stoned. (though admittedly it does make working out a bit more enjoyable, the repetitions, the recovery etc.)


Marijuana is a privilege. The plant should be used to make life better, rather than worse. If you can't smoke and be productive, then you really shouldn't be smoking. Perhaps it's just not for you. Self control is extremely important, just as important as debunking the lazy stoner stereotype. We are not lazy and I sure is offensive to be called as such. There are some stoners that work harder than any of the people around them, smokers and non smokers alike. Proving that we are productive and motivated will only further the acceptance of cannabis.

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