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Learn how to relax with Cannabis

May 8, 2018

An important strategy to prepare for relaxation is to use planning strategies to let your mind rest. We often have so many demands of the day it can become overwhelming – making relaxing a difficult task in and of itself. However, there are multiple strategies to plan ahead that make us feel as if we are “allowed” to rest. One being to write down all of your commitments, then determine the day and time you will complete that task. Psychologically, that technique can help dump the mind and allow it to rest knowing that it was acknowledged and there is a plan in place.


Properly dosing your Cannabis


Dosing your cannabis is perhaps the most important thing to consider when preparing to relax. Dosing is both the optimal amount of cannabis quantity as well as the THC to CBD ratio, to consume. Researchers it turns out have figured out the ideal amount that helps people to relax and the amount that may be too much.


People on the low dose had reported being more relaxed than those on the placebo, and their stress levels dissipated more quickly after the tasks. But, people on the high doses paused more in the job interview and reported tasks to be stressful, challenging and threatening.


It's important to consider the tasks at hand when considering dosing your cannabis. You may have found that there is a sweet spot for being productive and working versus before bed. Generally, a lower dosage helps to reduce stress in a task heavy environment, versus a higher dose. To test what specific amount is right for you, it's always best to consult a doctor and begin dosing low.


The strains you choose matter


Different strains can have a big difference on the effects you feel overall, making relaxing with medical marijuana easier and or more challenging. Strains are the types of cannabis plant, distinguished by being sativa, indica or hybrid species.


We recommend keeping a cannabis journal where you record your experiences with different quantities and strains. Patients often report preferences with sativa versus indica strains. Specific types of weed make a difference as well. Leafly is an excellent resource for you and can be your best friend while you are researching your next purchase(s).


Find the consumption method that works best for you


The method of consumption can make a big difference in the way you relax with medical cannabis. Many patients, for example, prefer methods of consuming cannabis without smoking. Edibles are by far the most well known way to consume cannabis without smoking. They are food products that infuse THC and CBD, and come in a variety of forms. Topicals are non-psychoactive and can be applied to the skin to relax specific areas of the body. Micro dosing through cannabis pills can also be an effective way to control your doses and the effects of relaxation.


In the end, you know your body and you know what works for you (and what doesn't) by properly educating yourself on the above items you can enter into the world of cannabis without any fear or hesitation and use the medicine for one of it's many, many....many, many, many intended purposes. To relax.







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