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Everything there is to know about microdosing marijuana

October 14, 2018

A microdose is relative to the threshold dose of a psychedelic—that is, the lowest dose of the drug that creates a perceptible effect—and therefore it is below that threshold, resulting in a sub-perceptual effect that is subtle without markedly influencing your mood or mindset. For pot, it has been nicely described as the sensation of being.  Following the indulgences of past eras, including the Second Wave, and, again, the trite “druggie” stereotype, who would’ve thought that the “less is more” mantra would also be applied to psychedelics?


There have been countless times I've sought that same sub-perceptual subtlety due to my given circumstances - and microdosing empowers me to achieve this.  The fact is you don't have to work your way through intense psychoactivity, including social anxiety or couch lock, also known as feelings of lethargy.  Marijuana microdosers are able and ready to go about their day taking care of their jobs, chores and children.




Typically I've encounted 5 milligrams as the ideal starting point for microdosers, 10 mg has also been promoted as the “novice” dose while only 2-3 milligrams is required to assist females in their sexual encounters.  It’s also important to pay attention to the strain of cannabis that you’re using. Indicas are usually associated more with sedative properties, while Sativas can be more energizing.   As we all also know, the variations don’t stop there. The individual-dependent nature of cannabis use means that body type, the day, mood, appetite, tolerance, and sleep habits are all considerations; that is, a trial-and-error process is usually required.  Try your best not to think of this as work and most importantly take it slow.  Don't overdue it, you can always have more after all.


The array of health issues that microdosing marijuana is proving beneficial for is somewhat startling: Users are addressing anxiety, chronic pain, stress, ADHD, inflammation, and indigestion, among others, while mood and emotional enhancements are frequently reported.  For me, the mood/emotional effects are the most vital, as the greater connections I feel between my altered mindset and my environment, including other people, provide me with creative inspiration, insights, and experiences that are often indelible.



It’s not just your mood that microdosing cannabis could improve: a recent study in mice has found that frequent, low doses of THC (the main psychoactive molecule in cannabis) can reverse ageing-related memory loss in older mice. In other words, microdosing cannabis helped older mice feel young again! We still need to see how this translates to humans, but it’s possible that occasional cannabis microdoses could keep memory loss at bay.




Again, this depends on the individual. For a 30-something IT professional, who “pops multiple low-dose mints per day” for inflammation, indigestion, and stress and anxiety management, microdosing throughout the day is working fine: “I’m not digesting a crazy amount of marijuana and falling asleep at my desk … I’m active all day, functioning, and completing my tasks.”


Lethargy may also be the result of the delivery system, e.g., users unable to function properly after the overwhelming intensity of bong hits or junk-food binges, and an inability to manage the dosage with unregulated cannabis products. Regarding the latter matter, the proportions of the THC and CBD cannabinoids in your weed are going to make differences that have, for the most part, eluded the typical smokers the past. From the myriad cannabinoids in cannabis, these two are the ones you will want to know the most about, and when you do become familiar with the influences of each, your past smoking experiences will be seen in a new light–and your future practices will be accordingly shaped. Even if you cannot know the cannabinoid levels in your product due to your geographical location, you will be able to evaluate your cannabis experience more accurately, rather than churning out the same-old vague comments: “Oh, I just smoked too much,” or “Smoking makes me tired.”

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