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How to cover up the smell of your weed

March 26, 2018

The smell of cannabis can be comforting while still offering the chance for adventure and excitement. For others however, the smell may be unpleasant and unappreciated.

Whether it's a trip to the grocery store, a shift at work or a dinner date with your in-laws, the need to hide the smell of cannabis is an issue every user has known at some time or another. So the next time you are looking to smoke but fear the pungent weed clouds you are about to put into the air, try some of thee tips to reduce the smell.


In the air:

Use a sploof aka doob tube aka some dryer sheets and a rubber band. A sploof is a home-made device designed to make your weed smoke smell like fresh laundry. Simply stuff a toilet paper or paper towel roll with fabric softener sheets and exhale the cannabis smoke through the tube.



Vaporizing offers the ultimate cannabis experience as the devices deliver cannabinoids to the brain directly within seconds, without any toxic carcinogens or lingering clouds of smoke. Ranging in cost from $20-250 or more, there are vaporizers of all sizes and shapes available at a vape shop near you :)


Air purifier:

An easy way to eliminate the smoke you are producing. Especially important for those who smoke in doors as the smell of smoke accumulates quickly on upholstery, walls and carpet.



Always opt for a well ventilated area when possible. This will give the smoke somewhere to go (into the air), instead of lingering on and around you.


Cannabis on your clothing, skin and hair.


A shower, while the best option for ridding the body of any smoky, stinky smell, is not always possible. If needed, there are ways to remove the smell of weed from your clothes, skin and hair with lotion, body spray and/or essential oils. You can brush your teeth, chew gum or eat a mint or two immediately after smoking which will take both the smell of weed off your breath as well as reduce likeliness of gum disease.


Get outside:

The sun and it's UV rays help to neutralize odors so getting out into the sun for a half hour after your next smoke session will help to burn off excess weed smoke and residue on your person.

Mind your hair:

Pull long hair back when smoking to reduce the surface area that smoke is able to attach to, then let it down after you're done to allow air to reach individual strands.


Cooking with Cannabis:

When cooking in the kitchen with cannabis, the kitchen as well as every room in your house may become filled with the sweet sweet smell of marijuana. The standard, candles and air-purifiers go a step beyond by making sure you properly cover your food while it is cooking.

Preparing other foods at the same time can help to quickly cover up the over powering scent of sensimilla allowing for a covert cannabis simmer.



If your stash is a little TOO dank it doesn't have to be burned to reek. To help cover up the smell of your stash, store it in odor proof prescription bottles, containers or bags.

There are many reasons to hide the smell of weed. No matter what yours is, try these tips to make the effort more successful.



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