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Cannabis users really are intelligent people, says study

May 4, 2018



The United States of America must be one of the smartest countries in the world. Because we certainly consume copious amounts of marijuana. A study out of the UK to state that people who start out life with high IQ's typically wind up experimenting with drugs, primarily cannabis.

Yay for us! According to a Science Daily research paper it's the intelligent ones who put up those nice drug use numbers:


By the age of 30, around one in three men (35.4%) and one in six women (15.9%) had used cannabis, while 8.6% of men and 3.6% of women had used cocaine, in the previous 12 months.


Men who scored high on the tests as kinds were 50 percent more likely to have experimented with drugs, including amphetamines and ecstasy. Smart women were more than 50 percent likely to have tried marijuana and cocaine.


Is it really true that you ARE coming up with these killer, genius business plans while you're all stoned and coked up? The secret here is to remember to write them down. Because if I remember correctly, cannabis ha....cannabis has....something to do with..... can't remember... OH! That's it! The memory. Cannabis has a negative impact on our memory. So, be sure to write down those out of this world ideas of yours.


The conclusions we can draw from this


A high childhood IQ may increase the risk of illegal drug use in adolescence and adulthood.




If you want a drug-free America, America, keep breeding those terrible genes and have lots of dumb children.

That sounds like an excellent conclusion.

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