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The All-Time Best munchie foods

March 31, 2018

The all-time BEST munchies food....EVER


12.  Lunchables | maker: Kraft

Despite being a “nutritious” snack, it appeals to the stoner in you that's prone to throwing any random stuff together in a bleary eyed fit. It's also the only way you're going to tackle the entire food pyramid while getting rid of those cravings, this shrink-wrapped meal in a box otherwise known as a Lunchable rates among the best of the best.


11. Cinnamon Rolls | maker: Cinnabon
For the brave souls who trust not to blow themselves up while under the influence of some heady/heavy dab hits, cinnamon rolls are a must. The icing will wipe the cotton mouth right off err...right outta your mouth. An added bonus is the incredible smell that emanates from your oven will work to cover up the aromatic evidence you had just gotten baked.


10. Twinkies | maker: Hostess

There was a sad, dark period of time when these had gone extinct. Luckily, they truly are the most resilient food type item on this list, to the delight of junk foodies and stoners alike. The individually wrapped creme-filled cakes are a sweet way to get your stomach to quiet down once you've put the end of that spliff out.


9. Oreo's | maker: Nabisco

There was a time when it was common place to find me with a sleeve of Oreo's by my side as I prepared to roll up a nice joint. While almost anything would do once the joint is underway, you won't settle for less than this classic chocolate cookie and frosting sandwich. Milk's favorite cookie is also your number one selection when perusing the grocery store aisles for the perfect item(s) to add to your junk food stash.


8. Cheez Wiz | maker: Kraft foods

Six words. It is cheese in a can. Cheez Wiz is the preferred condiment of weed heads worldwide. You would be hard pressed to find anything this item doesn't pair well with while high. It keeps serving it's purpose even when going directly from the can into your mouth. The best Wiz of all the Wiz's comes in a can in the form of Easy Cheese. Can to mouth No muss.

No fuss. No utensils. No leftovers.


7. Rice crispy treats | maker: Kellogg

You're used to hearing the snap crackle and pop at the breakfast table but just wait until you add a bunch of melted down marshmallows, cool and cut into tiny rectangular blocks of perfection. Rice Krispies hit the spot time and again. You can make these treats yourself in just a few minutes, but you will make a mess and forget to clean it up, inevitably angering the other people with whom you share a living space. No one has time for that and your cravings aren't going to wait for that to cool down anyway. The ones in the shiny blue wrapper get the job done just as well, every time.


6. Cheese Balls | maker: Utz

These things don't come in individually wrapped portions. They don't come in bags or tiny Kracker Jack boxes, they come one way and that is in a giant plastic jar. You are meant to eat them all in one sitting. Utz knows you are high and how badly you need to tackle your massive appetite. It also knows you aren't receptive to ideas such as “portion control” or “daily recommended servings” Portion control goes out the window after a nice spliff. Eat them by the handful and don't worry about sharing. No one is judging you. They're just jealous of your excellent bounty.


5. Pop Tarts | maker: Kellogg's

Pop Tarts, while high are often confused as substitutes for sliced bread. Take peanut butter, your favorite toppings, some cool whip, chocolate sauce, a Butterfinger, whatever you have access to and spread that onto some frosted Pop Tarts for a sandwich one can only enjoy high.


4. Slurpee | maker: 7-11

Because brain freeze pairs perfectly with being high a Slurpee will not only quench your thirst but will elevate your THC experience as you stain your tongue red, green, blue and purple or whatever flavors/colors 7-Eleven is brewing up on this fine day.


3. Pizza Rolls | maker: Totino's

You are too paranoid/lazy or scared to mess with the oven while lit, but you have that microwave thing down pat. Since baking an entire pizza in the microwave is off the table, pizza rolls are the next best thing and they are freaking awesome. Actually they are the only next thing in this instance for you, so I hope you enjoy them. Totino's appeals to pot heads everywhere with flavors like cheesy garlic and meatball marinara. Just remember to re-up when you come off the high. You're going to eat the entire box in a single sitting.


2. Funyons | maker: Frito-Lay

Frito Lay makes their first appearance in the top 2 here with Funyons. Nevermind that salt is the last thing you need, but the first thing you crave, so you keep a bag of Funyons at the ready for when the inevitable snack attack arrives.


1. Doritos | maker: Frito-Lay

Doritos straight out of the bag will never lose their spot as THE classic stoner snack.



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