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Everything you need to know, a beginners guide to using Cannabis

April 17, 2018


With cannabis legalization becoming more and more a reality, there will be many people attempting to smoke or consume cannabis for the first time in their lives. In order to maximize your experience and prepare you for the perceptive alterations you'll experience, we've developed this guide for all you cannabis newbies out there.


“I'm not feeling anything”


Many people, the first time they try cannabis wont feel the effects of being “high”. It doesn't mean that you're immune to cannabis or you're doing it wrong, rather you're unaware of the euphoria you are experiencing. Some people will still experience the “high” euphoria, regularly associated with cannabis from the first time they smoke, especially with the higher potency strains out there.


Regardless, I would suggest that you take it easy and start with a mellow strain before working your way up. You don't want to jump right into a 20% THC strain right out of the gate. Start slow and mellow before gradually increasing your potency. If you don't feel the effects of cannabis the first time you try it, you certainly will the second time around.


Location is key


For an experienced smoker, lighting up anywhere is no problem. For a beginner however, finding the right conditions for your first smoke is key. You'll want to find a place that will allow you to be safe from unwanted interruptions. We also suggest that you light up with some more experienced users the first time around. They will be able to help walk you through the experience and ease your mind if you get too high. Don't worry however, getting “too high” won't kill you... nobody has ever lost their life consuming cannabis.


Find a quiet place safe, away from other people and unnecessary distractions. This way you will be able to enjoy the experience a lot more.


What do you do with this stuff?


When it comes time to actually consume the plant, you have a ton of options at your disposal. Nowadays you can choose from smoking a joint, bong, pipe, a vaporizer or doing a dab, depending on your preference(s). If none of those suit you, you can eat it, drink it, use it as a suppository or apply it as a topical cream. If you don't like “smoke” then you could always vaporize. Actually, I find vaporizing to be a much more effective and enjoyable way to consume cannabis. Whichever method you have available will be find for your first go.


“I'm not feeling anything” part 2. Edibles.


This is important... take it slow on edibles. I will say this again. Take. It. Slow. On. Edibles.

The difference between eating cannabis and smoking it is that it takes roughly 30-45 minutes for the effects to kick in. In addition, the effect is much “heavier” and longer lasting than smoking it.


For this reason, the best bet when it comes to edibles is to start with a half of a dose. Or a half of a half of a dose. Waiting for an hour before deciding whether to enjoy the other half(s). This especially rings true for people making home made edibles as the THC content is harder to discern.


“I'm freaking out....i think i got too high”


Let's say you are feeling a little too much of the effects to handle. The first thing you should do is “NOT PANIC!” As I had said earlier, you can't die, you are just temporarily in an altered state of mind. If this occurs find someplace quiet to lay down. Drink some water, eat some food and relax. The effects will pass. You can put on some relaxing music, take a shower, take a nap or you can just accept that you are “high” and wait for it to pass. I promise it will.


Hopefully this guide provides you with the essentials to enjoy cannabis for the first time.

If you feel you are now prepared I urge you to go forth, light up, inhale and enjoy.

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