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How to roll a joint for beginners

March 12, 2018

The joint is one of the most recognized and preferred ways to consume cannabis and is a great way to appreciate the taste of your medicinal flower. Every cannabis user should learn how to roll a joint. It is a premier skill. There are countless opinions regarding the different ways to roll a joint, but whatever you do you want to make sure your creation burns slowly and evenly.

How to roll: things you will need


To help you perfect the art of joint rolling, we have prepared a simple guide for a simple task. Remember rolling a joint is an art form and like all arts it must be practiced to perfect it. Here is the simplest way to roll a joint. You will require:

  • weed

  • paper

  • filter

  • grinder

  • optional (a pen)


Step 1: Grind your cannabis

Break up the marijuana with a grinder. If your cannabis dries well, it should break easily. A grinder prevents your hands from getting too sticky. If you do not have a grinder you may grind the cannabis by hand, with scissors or using any other decomposition process.


Step 2: Create your filter


Make a filtered tip, also called a crutch or simply, a tip. This will make it easier to enjoy your joint until the very end.  You can make a filter out of most anything, but cardboard and business card are solid stand-by go-tos. Start by creating some accordion folds at the end of the box or card, then roll the material to the desired thickness of your joint. The filter (tip) while not absolutely necessary, does add some stability to the structure once complete, allowing you to enjoy your cannabis without burning your fingers.


Step 3: Fill the paper


Fill the paper with your weed and filter (if prepared). Once the paper has the proper amount of cannabis (a half gram to one gram is usually satisfactory) it can begin to form and form the joint with your fingers. Many people prefer hemp or rice papers because they tend to be thin, strong and burn evenly without affecting the flavor of your cannabis.

Step 4. Shape the joint


Once you have loaded and packed your paper, it's time to give form to your joint. Attach the paper between the fingertips and roll them together to grasp the cannabis into its final shape.


Step 5. Roll it up

This step can radically improve or reduce the quality of your joint. Place the unguided side of the paper into the roller and use the glued edge to glue one end of the paper, with just a little moisture. (tip, begin with the side using the filter as it may help guide the paper as you are rolling it) Once the paper is hooked to one end, you can make your way through the rest of the seam, insert and seal the joint from end to end.


Step 6. Finishing touches


Finally, to ensure a uniform burning take a small item to the end of the opened paper (preferably a pen or pencil end) and use it to tamp down any loose cannabis flower firmly into the otherwise sealed joint. If you do not intend to smoke this concoction right away, you may close the tip by twisting it together.


Step 7. Consume. Enjoy. Repeat


There are seemingly unlimited ways to roll a joint. Put your own twist on it. You can roll them big or small, fat or thin. Be creative! Some individuals have taken their game(s) to the next proverbial level by creating blending functionality and design using unique functional origami to hold and smoke their cannabis. Have fun!

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