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The Science of Cannibidiol. What and How

February 9, 2018

The calming effect of CBD - Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol may sound strange to a lot of people out there. Some individuals might have heard of it. But, they have little knowledge of what it is and its importance. As you read further you will be enlightened about what cannabidiol is and its effect in humans.


What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?


Medicinally cannabis has been of great importance in the cure of many ailments such as cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and much more. Cannabidiol was discovered by scientists in the mid-1960s, and since then they have been able to discover even up to 80 new species of CBD and continuous studies are carried out to investigate their potential for their calming effect and ability to fight diseases.


The effect of CBD varies within the body of humans. There are two types of cannabidiol that are known for their potent medicinal value they include CBD and THC.  THC is a chemical component of that is responsible for the "HIGH" feeling that is experienced by individuals that consume marijuana either by smoking or ingesting them. 


Alternatively, CBD has no "HIGH" effect. However, it is entirely of great benefits to our health and most importantly for its calming effect, anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety. In some cases, it is combined with THC  to suppress THC'S mind-altering consequences.


How can CBD be of importance to you?

For the most part, CBD is ingested mostly for its calming effects, according to research by scientists CBD is recognized as having anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities that cater for a broad range of psychological disorders in humans. 


To improve sleep
This is great for people suffering from insomnia. It has improved the quality of sleep, reduce difficulties in sleep and increase the overall hours of sleep. 


Smaller doses of CBD excites alertness and reduces the amount of time such individual sleeps at during the day. This is essential for daytime performance. It boosts the alertness in the brain and also lowers the brain activity hence allowing you to sleep better and relaxes your entire body.


Reduces anxiety and depression
It has been discovered that CBD is effective in the reduction of anxiety and depression in individuals facing such disorders. This is possible because of the interactions with some receptors such as serotonin in the brain. A number of researches have shown the effect of CBD on the brain to reduce physical and mental symptoms of anxiety. 

Pain reduction and addiction
CBD is used to treat many degrees of pain ranging from mild to chronic. It is used for treating most of the common types of pain associated with individuals that includes arthritis, headache, migraine, sclerosis, and stomachache.


It has recorded success in the treatment of addiction from various form of disorders and substance abuse. These include addiction to drugs such as  nicotine, cannabis, opioids, and much more.


Thanks to scientific advancement that has allowed CBD to be produced in different forms that include capsules, tinctures, sprays, inhalers, and liquid. Overall, CBD has proven to be effective in the treatment of many ailments, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep significantly in humans. 

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