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Calm CBD Lip Balm | 15mg CBD | Original | 0.15 fl oz


Calm CBD Lip Balm | 15mg CBD | Eucalyptus | 0.15 fl oz


Calm CBD Lip Balm | 15mg CBD | Peppermint | 0.15 fl oz


The beauty of nature can be overwhelming having profound effects upon our senses.  We aim to bring out that calm self of yours by infusing each one of  our hand crafted lip balms with Cannabidiol (CBD).  All-natural safe and effective.

Calm Lip Balm is made of pure ingredients which not only keeps your lips protected against dryness, keeps them nourished but also help soothe your nerves.

Our CBD lip balm does double duty, gently moisturizing your lips while relaxing your anxious state of mind.

The natural ingredients used in this lip balm will have a positive impact on both your skin as well as your mood. 

Our natural hemp lip balms are rich in anti-oxidants, (omega-3, and omega-6), and vitamin A, E, B, & D to help nourish your lips while protecting them from the elements. 

We believe in the healing, therapeutic properties of Hemp and CBD.

With no artificial flavors or colors our products are 100% all-natural.

We strive to operate in a responsible manner to help maintain ecological balance.

We love animals.  Love 'em.  This is why we will never test our products on them.

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